As a leading Pakistan LED lighting manufacturer, AT Lighting develops indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures that light up the world, perfect for illuminating everything from the smallest spaces to towering skyscrapers. With an expert team who have been with us since the dawn of the LED lighting revolution, AT Lighting creates exciting products that can be integrated into as wide a range of design applications as possible, meaning investing in our solutions is always a logical choice.

AT Lighting LED Lighting Pakistan

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of AT Lighting. Although that makes us a relatively young company in the Pakistan lighting industry, we are in fact one of the oldest lighting companies to have exclusively supplied LED lighting products. Thanks to our passion and drive for innovating the LED lighting industry, we’ve become recognised by electrical suppliers through Pakistan as a commercial LED lighting partner they can trust.

We have a proven track record of providing quality, innovative products at competitive prices. We’ve partnered with LED lighting manufacturers across Pakistan to provide an unrivalled choice of home, commercial and industrial LED products to our valued customers.

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